ITSCEED - Foundation

About Us

ITSCEED (International Tagore Society for Cultural, Educational, and Environmental, Development) is a public charitable trust. At ITSCEED, our goal is to strengthen the interplay of educational, cultural, and environmental factors to improve the socio-ecological conditions.

We work on various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as climate-resilient actions, quality education, socio-economic development of forest dwellers, urban greening, people’s biodiversity register, sustainable harvest of medicinal plants, value addition to non-timber forest
products (NTFPs), poverty and hunger eradication, gender equality, justice, and economic growth, clean water and energy, research, and internships on conservation of biodiversity.

The focus area of our activities embraces Biodiversity assessment and conservation Promotion of medicinal plants and their conservation Climate-resilient livelihoods Habitat restoration Culture, Education, and Sustainable Development Training, awareness, and capacity building on the environment and various sustainable development
goals (SDGs).

Registration No. IV- 1602-00167/2022